A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Name your own price. As three childhood friends begin their journey through high school. Disclaimer I do not own anything. Haikyuu Otome Game Rules. Ever wanted to meet your favorite Haikyuu characters? Now's your chance! Delve into the world of volleyball with this interactive fanfiction. Kiss or kill, set or serve, the choice is yours. (None of the images belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners.).

*Love this playlist? Pressing LIKE and SHARE is appreciated!* Ladies and gents, prepare yourself for some serious nosebleeds and wet panties because this playlist features some of the very best and sexiest-sounding male Japanese otome seiyuu! Also, special thanks to the awesome users on here who uploaded these mind-blowing tracks, not forgetting the legendary seiyuu who provided their delicious voices for us all to melt over! Delish!!! <3

Haikyuu Otome Game Nahla

Haikyuu visual novelHaikyuu Otome

Contains tracks

Haikyuu Otome Game Download

Haikyuu otome by nahla

W Darling Vol.3, Track 4 by houkou

Haikyuu Fan Games

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