For more details, check out my full review of the first installment in the Growly series, Begin. About Morning: Morning is the third book of the series and the conclusion to Growly’s adventurous journey. Sometimes the greatest adventure takes you further than you could imagine. You may want to check out more Mac applications, such as Growly Checkbook, Checkbook HD Free - Personal Finance or Checkbook HD - Personal Finance, which might be related to CheckBook. Trusted Mac download Growly Backup 1.3. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Growly Backup alternative downloads. Whether you’re a geek with a passionate idea or a risk-taker with a brilliant business plan – is designed to educate and inspire you at every step of your startup journey. From practical step-by-step articles to enlightening interviews with innovators and everything in between, we are your online source for information on all.

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If you are still not aware, Growly Notes is FREE. It is amazing that a great software like this comes at a price of zero. In fact, all the software in the GrowlyBird package (including calendars, journal, checkbook and several games) are also free.

We offer three categories of apps. We’re constantly working on new apps (and updated versions of ones we’ve used for years) and we’ll publish those as soon as they’re ready. Click the links in the sidebar to the left to see the product pages.
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General-purpose programs that help you get real work done. There are 4 in this category:

Growly Book

Growly Calculator, a simple spreadsheet app that also has three specialty calculator windows. Easy formula construction and incredible control of display, without unnecessary complications.
Growly Draw, a drawing app for people who aren’t artists. Work with shapes that can be adjusted at any time, and bitmaps like photos, all in the same document.
Growly Notes, a note-taking app somewhat like Microsoft OneNote®. Gather text, images, PDFs, links and anything else you can think of in free-form pages organized into sections.
Growly Write, a small but capable word processor. Create great-looking documents with ease. No feature overload here, just the things you’ll use every day.

These are programs for accomplishing specific tasks at home. They’re capable but very simple, targeted to the task at hand. There are 6 in this category:

Growly Backup, for performing on-demand backups of your critical files.
Growly Calendar, for sharing a calendar on multiple computers in your home or office without needing an iCloud account or a server.
Growly Checkbook, a no-frills electronic checkbook register that manages checking and savings accounts.
Growly Groceries, a shopping list manager.
Growly Journal, a multi-year personal diary that makes it fun to keep a record of the events, accomplishments, and activities in your life.
Growly Photo, a simple organizing tool for your photo files.

No shoot-em-ups or 3D, just good old-fashioned time wasters. There are 9 in this category:

Growly Backgammon, perhaps the oldest board game.
Growly Cribbage, a quirky 17th century card game that uses a special board to keep score.
Growly FreeCell, one of the easiest solitaire games to win.
Growly checkbook coverGrowly Hearts, a card game where you try to avoid taking any hearts or the Queen of Spades. Or take all of them.
Growly Pinochle, a cutthroat bidding game with complex rules.
Growly Poker, 12 popular variations on the game of poker.
Growly Rummy, a structured, progressive rummy game.
Growly Solitaire, the classic one-person card game.
Growly Spite & Malice, a solitaire-like card game played against the wicked computer.

  • Click the Download button on any of our product pages (follow the links in the sidebar on the left). The program disk image will be copied to your Downloads folder.
  • The download will probably not be opened automatically. Find your Downloads folder (GoHome in the Finder) and look inside. The name will be something like write_220.dmg, starting with the name of the app you downloaded.
  • Double-click the dmg file and drag the program into your Applications folder.
  • Start it up and have fun.

If the download button doesn’t work

Some versions of some browsers can’t download the apps. Instead of downloading the file, they display the file, which isn’t particularly useful. If you click the download button and see a screen full of garbage, you need to use another browser to download. Safari always works.
Firefox seems to be especially bad at this. It’s a bug: we reported the problem and they ignored us.

When you upgrade to Catalina, check for updates to our apps, too. Many of our apps had a bug that prevented them from starting in 10.15. Also, all of our apps are recently updated so that Catalina will run them without complaining.

OneNote is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Growly Checkbook Covers

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