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The Pro plan is limited to 10,000 words per article but the number of articles you can check is unlimited. It includes Grammar and spelling engines, a Custom dictionary, Punctuation, Capitalization, Repetition, and Word Confusion tools. The Combo: 2021 Social Media Calendar + 100 Social Media Image & Captions.

Understanding the Ojibwe language is not an easy task. Some languages have a simple translation word-for-word, not the case here. In Ojibwe words have meaning that when combined with other prefixes or suffixes, change the meaning. Blueberry Pie is notoriously the longest word in the language (66 letters in this version). Grammarian PRO2, the professional writer's tool kit, is the ultimate arsenal of professional writing tools to combat those embarrassing writing errors that everyone tends to make, a universal interactive grammar checking, smart spelling checking, dictionary, thesaurus, AutoCorrect, and styled-text AutoType tool that virtually works with every program on your computer.

English grammar software for pc

Grammarian PRO3's Mac grammar checker works interactively or in batch correction mode and automatically starts working in your favorite apps to correct spelling, grammar, phrase usage, and punctuation. Use the built-in dictionary assistant to look up definitions and verify the correct choice of words. AutoCorrect corrects many spelling mistakes automatically as you type. Also, create styled-text AutoType shorthand macros that will automatically type your commonly used signature phrases. Checks your spelling, grammar, phrase usage, and punctuation interactively as you type!

Grammarian Pro

Check grammar and spelling as you type


English Grammar Download For Pc

When interactive checking is turned on, Grammarian PRO3 watches what you type so you can make corrections as you are writing. Grammarian PRO3 can alert you when an error is detected with your choice of selectable sounds or voices. You can set different alert sounds for each error type. Whenever Grammarian PRO3 sees that you have made an error, a list of suggested words appears. You can choose to see the list in a window or in a pop-up menu list. The list is comprehensive; and so, when you find the correct word, simply double-click it with the mouse or type in the number beside the right word. Grammarian PRO3 will instantly and automatically type the correction for you.

Check grammar and spelling anytime

To check your document after you've finished typing, use Grammarian PRO3's 'Check Selection...' command. Grammarian PRO3 pastes corrections into your document all at once. Interactive checking and after-the-fact checking aren't mutually exclusive. Let Grammarian PRO3 check your grammar and spelling as you type and also check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation afterwards all at once just before you send off your document. Grammarian PRO3 maintains all style formatting in your documents. Web browser copy/paste grammar checkers do not maintain document character formatting. Only Grammarian PRO3 keeps all document character formatting intact everywhere.

Grammarian PRO3 works great with Apple Mail and Apple Pages. It's undoubtedly the best Mac grammar checker software.

Improve All Writing

Academic, business, professional, publishing, technical, and creative writing require unique styles of editing. Grammarian adapts to your writing needs and ensures that no whatever your project is, your grammar is ideal. Just choose the grammar writing style of the piece of writing that you need edited. Download Grammarian now to get started.

Students and educators
Research Papers, term papers, book reports and essays
Job Applicants
Edit resumes, application forms, cover letters
Business writers
Refine emails and proposals
Professional Writers and copywriters
Grammar instruction manuals and ads
Authors and Copy Writers
Proofread editorials, articles, and blog posts

The Best Grammar Checker - Catch More Errors

Grammarian Pro2

Many available subpar online English grammar checkers claim to be the best but rarely catch common spelling and grammar mistakes. Our grammar checker identifies more grammatical errors with better accuracy. We provide the best grammar check available.
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