Things like image annotations and notes apps give us one vital privilege when working on Mac — a context. Without it, your progress might be hampered by constantly going back to the same things, double-checking, or (God forbid) keeping an actual notebook. While many utilities, including Apple’s Notes app, make things easier for you, there’s only one truly context-friendly Mac utility.

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Annotations without limitations

Meet Ghostnote, a sticky notes and to-dos app that enables you to annotate anything on your Mac’s screen. It’s a simple idea of sticky notes expanded enormously. Whenever you’re working on something and want to jot down a note, simply hit the Ghostnote button in the menu bar and start typing. The app remembers the context, so the next time when you open the same document, folder, or application, Ghostnote will show you the corresponding note. Absolutely no chance you’ll miss an important detail if you have this app working along your side.

All-embracing contextual notes

There’s virtually nothing the app wouldn’t be able to add notes to. Here are the key use cases of annotating with Ghostnote.

Annotate files and folders

Ghost note 2 review

Add tasks or instant notes to a particular file or an entire folder — including iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive files. It’s a clever way to keep your stuff organized using text memos.

Add notes to documents inside apps

You can jot down notes and attach them to PDFs or text files inside a desktop app. This is particularly useful for editing Word Xcode or Photoshop docs. The notes will appear in the right contextual setting whenever you open the document again.

Annotate and remember websites

How many times did you forget an URL and then went through your entire browsing history to find a trace of it? Ghostnote not only keeps the URLs for you, it also keeps the notes you add while browsing through web pages.

Ghost note (2017)

Ghost Note 2017

Create text memos in applications

The most beautiful feature that every other notes app lacks is the ability to make text memos on the fly — for instance, while you’re prototyping in Sketch or editing in Photoshop. Ghostnote works with the entire Adobe Suite, the Github app, and other useful utilities. ;


Note browser that brings it all together

You can view all your notes and to-dos in a single convenient spot. In the Ghostnote menu, select Note Browser and it will open the entire list in one window. You can also use Ghostnote’s note browser like a traditional notes app interface, recording your tasks and jotting down text memos.

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