Geneious Prime online manual. Geneious Prime has pretty high memory and CPU requirements. It is becoming increasingly impractical to run it on 32 bit hardware since the realistic upper limit for memory that can be dedicated to Geneious is 1GB on those machines. With that said, there are things that can be done to improve the performance of Geneious even on limited machines: 1. Uninstalling Geneious from a machine will not release the license. Note that there are a limited number of releases available within a given period of time and trying to release too often may be misconstrued as a user trying to share a personal license with others. Geneious Prime reverts to restricted mode when the subscription has expired. In restricted mode you can view your data and import and export your files, however most other functions are disabled. What is the difference between a personal and group plan? New to Geneious Prime? This quick start video shows you how to upload your data, organize your files and get started analyzing your sequences right away.

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Geneious Prime

Geneious Prime is a powerful bioinformatics software solution packed with fundamental molecular biology and sequence analysis tools.

Sequence Analysis and Genomics


User-friendly, intuitive interface packed full of essential genomics tools for Sanger, NGS and long read sequence analysis, including pairwise and multiple alignments, de novo assembly, mapping, expression analysis, variant calling, NGS visualization, sequence and chromatogram analysis, automatic annotation, and phylogenetic tree building

Molecular Biology

Perform a wide-range of cloning and primer design operations within one interface. Automatically annotate plasmid maps and expression vectors. Simulate a variety of molecular cloning operations including restriction cloning, Gibson Assembly, Gateway cloning and TOPO cloning. Design and test primers, find CRISPR sites, and optimize codons.

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Data Management

Simply drag and drop to import, export and convert your sequences, annotations and notes in common file formats including Genbank, SnapGene, FASTQ, FASTA, BAM, VCF, GFF, or import your complete Vector NTI database. Arrange and browse your data library how you like with document filtering, batch renaming, and document history automatically saved. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

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Download Geneious Prime 2021


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