FotoMagico 5 Pro by L. Davenport FotoMagico is a multimedia slideshow creation application. The resulting slideshows can contain photos, videos, music, and text. Using FotoMagico, you can:. Create stunning slideshow presentations. Use photos from Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, Photos, iPhoto library or any folder on a local drive. FotoMagico, used by thousands of professional and amateur photographers around the world, is the easiest way to create a gorgeous slideshow on your Mac, mixing photos with movies and audio, for a storytelling effect like none other. FotoMagico brings photos to life and keeps any audience at. Fotomagico will assist you in producing beautiful and powerful slideshows of both images and video through numerous transitions, text effects and pan & zooms. After launching the app,. Download FotoMagico for iPad and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Everyone wants to connect emotionally with the audience while presenting video and photo projects. A great keynote is the best combination of a vivid presentation style and a technically high-end projection of your work. FotoMagico is a software that creates slideshows with photos, videos, music, and text. Presentations have the capability to be viewed as live slideshows or exported as.


So many pictures, so few people willing to sit through your slideshows. That might change if you start using FotoMagico 2.0.1 Pro, a powerful yet easy-to-use slideshow authoring tool. Its intuitive interface and high level of motion, text, and audio control let you quickly create a viewing experience brimming with ambience and anticipation.


FotoMagico comes in two versions, Pro and Express. The Pro version (reviewed here) has all the features of the Express version and more, such as Aperture integration, the ability to export to HD movie format, and customizable export options.

Slideshows that move

Fotomagico 5 Pro

FotoMagico supports the usual image file formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG—anything that QuickTime can read—plus Raw). You begin by selecting a photo library or folder from the program’s Image/Audio Options panel. Choose to pull images from an iPhoto library, or just drag and drop images into FotoMagico’s iMovie-style interface from other applications or from an open folder in the Finder. With FotoMagico Pro, photographers can access Aperture libraries and apply watermarks to their images.

By default, FotoMagico applies a beautiful pan-and-zoom effect to photos, causing them to enter and exit the stage—the main work area—from alternating directions. Once a photo is on the stage, two clever dials provide precise control over its percentage of zoom and angle of rotation (great for straightening photos), both when the photo enters the stage (start position) and exits (finish position). Handy guides and a satisfying audible “snap” help you set precise photo positioning in both instances (and both can be toggled off in FotoMagico’s preferences). Use the Options button to tweak slide timing, duration, motion, and transitions for single or multiple photos.

You can include text on any slide with the Add Title button, and use the Options panel to adjust font, alignment, opacity, and motion.

A feast for eyes and ears

FotoMagico also works with iTunes, enabling you to easily add music to your slideshow. Peruse and preview your audio collection in the Image/Audio Options panel, then drag and drop a musical selection into the storyboard timeline where you want it to begin. Use the Options button to loop the audio, adjust its volume, or insert audio markers that can be linked to slide transitions.

You can add any audio file to your slideshow—however, thanks to DRM, any DRM (digital rights management)-protected music you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store won’t play in an exported slideshow movie. Unless you’ve personally ripped the song from a CD, or downloaded new DRM-free tracks from iTunes Plus, you’ll hear the sound of silence where the audio should be.

Fotomagico 5 pro

Export with ease

Fotomagico For Windows

FotoMagico comes loaded with export presets for most viewing situations. You can export your slideshows to QuickTime or MP4 format for use on the Web; to iDVD, so you can include them in your DVD projects; to HD 720/1080 format, so you can watch them on your widescreen television; or even to your iPod. You can also export a slideshow into a stand-alone player application for sharing, complete with expiration date; once the date passes, you can’t see the show.

Because it renders images in real time, FotoMagico takes advantage of every last pixel—both in the photo and on the playback device—making images look their very best. The trade-off is a stiff hardware requirement; for optimal results you need at least a G5 or Intel Core Duo machine with 1GB of RAM and a graphics card with 128MB or more of VRAM. The motion of high-resolution JPEGs and Raw files was slightly jerky during playback on my MacBook Pro Core Duo (with 2GB of RAM).

Macworld’s buying advice

When it comes to showing off photos, FotoMagico 2.0.1 Pro is a photographer’s dream come true; and it’s packed with enough functionality to impress most presenters. I was disappointed with its poor performance with high-resolution images, however, and I look forward to seeing that resolved in the next version. If you create a lot of slideshows and need the ability to add text and audio, you’d be hard pressed to find a more elegant and easy-to-use program.

[ Lesa Snider King, founder of, is a freelance writer, chief evangelist for, and graphics goddess o f David Pogue’s Missing Manuals (Pogue Press, O’Reilly). ]

Fotomagico 4

The FotoMagico interface lets you access any photo from the Image/Options panel on the right and drag it into the storyboard below.You can tweak FotoMagico’s Title Opacity slider to create text that fades in or out.

So imagine you get back home after an incredible vacation, with your iPhone photo storage full. Best shots go to Instagram, and the rest are transferred to your Mac with AnyTrans. But what’s next?

Professional slideshow tutorial in FotoMagico Pro


Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateuer, or just someone who needs a vacation slideshow, FotoMagico is there to help. Based on pre-built snippets, the app cleverly constructs a beautiful visual story – all you have to do is upload images, pick audio and layouts, and trust the app. While you remain the main architect, Fotomagico gets it all done.

Create complex slideshows with pre-built components

FotoMagico lets you choose from among numerous story and music snippets – two core elements that make a skeleton of your slideshow. Story snippets include ready-to-use layouts for a slideshow such as opening titles or closing credits. Once you have the full vision of the story, align it with music – FotoMagico offers CC licensed audio tracks which you can grab right in the app. No need to go anywhere for inspiration.

Make it move with Animation Assistant

You can select and automatically apply one of the available animation styles, or customize transitions and movements as you like. With the built-in Animation Assistant, Fotomagico takes full control over how images move inside your slideshow. Cleverly, the app analyzes text properties, photo aspect ratios, and other parameters to produce high-quality animation.

Enhanced text formatting


Make your slideshows talk. Thanks to improved text editing options, Pro users can customize the look of titles, insert artist’s name, slide numbers, dates, or any EXIF metadata as well as intuitively manage text placeholders across slides. FotoMagico adjusts to your vision, so that you don’t have to adjust your vision to a slideshow.

Soften audio with Envelopes and Fades

When presenting a slideshow, you want audio to be your companion, not a competitor. Soften music for specific parts, set custom transitions, or gradually decrease/increase volume throughout your presentation. One of the well-liked tools in the pro plan, FotoMagico’s Envelopes & Fades help automate any audio manipulations. To manage transitions manually, you can rely on the in-built Audio Marker Assistant.

Unleash the full power of FotoMagico with a pro version you can grab on Setapp. With the best slideshow maker for photographers and amateurs, creating a beautiful visual story is a no-brainer.

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Meantime, prepare for all the awesome things you can do with Setapp.

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