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In Part 1, Balsamiq was reviewed, and so now let's continue with Part 2, ForeUI, a Java based UI Design Tool. Since ForeUI is built on top of Java it should run LInux, Solaris, Windows and OS X though there are only 2 pre-built installers for Windows and OS X. ForeUI is an easy-to-use UI prototyping tool, which can create mockup/wireframe/prototype for the application or website in your mind. Your prototype will be skinnable and you can change its style by switching the UI theme. You can design the behavior of prototype by defining intuitive flow charts to handle specific events.

Please feel free to download and try ForeUI before you buy the license. The trial version can work with all features for 15 days, after that the save and export features will be disabled.

About the License

You will receive the license key via email after the payment. The license grants you one year software upgrade, and permanent usage of versions released within that year.

So if your ForeUI license key is less than one year old, you can use it on the latest version. If your upgrade period expired and you don’t want to upgrade, you can keep using your current version as long as you want; or you could re-order a new license key for another one-year upgrade peroid (we do not offer discount for this case).

Once you purchased the license, you can use it on ANYmachine you own. If you buy license for organization, please make sure the number of simultaneous users will be equal or less than the user number assigned to the license. You can find the end user license agreement file (EULA.txt) in the installation directory.

If your one year free upgrade period expired, you can renew your license to get another year’s software upgrade, or just keep using ForeUI without upgrading to the latest version.

Note: All sales are non-refundable. Please evaluate the free product trial prior to purchasing.

Payment Methods

We can accept your payment via PayPal or MyCommerce (RegNow) platform. Don’t worry if you don’t have any account on these platforms. You can pay with your credit card or bank card, since all major credit cards and bank cards are accepted by these platforms. Here is the How-To.

Other payment methods may be accepted by contacting us.

Price and Discounts

If you buy ForeUI for individual, the price is $150 USD, you can use it on all your machines (including laptop and home PC).

If you are student, we can offer you 50% discount. Please use your student email to contact [email protected] for more details.

If you buy ForeUI for organization, the price depends on the number of users, the table below lists the details:

Number of UsersPrice (USD)Volume Discount
3$441save 2%
5$713save 5%
10$1,350save 10%
15$1,980save 12%
20$2,550save 15%
25$3,113save 17%
30$3,600save 20%
35$4,095save 22%
40$4,500save 25%
50$5,250save 30%

BestBest free ui prototyping toolsPrototypingWhat is the number of users? We are using the user-based license structure. So 10 users license means you can distribute the license to maximum 10 employees for ForeUI usage. Once an employee obtains the assigned license, he/she can install and use ForeUI on all his/her computers (including laptop and home PC). If the employee will not use ForeUI anymore, he/she must uninstall ForeUI from all his/her computers, and then you can re-distribute the license to another employee.

Note: If you need special license that is not listed above, please contact us.

Place Your Order

Order Form

Foreui Prototyping Tools

Please fill in the order form and go through the checkout process. If you select the “Buy ForeUI license for Organization” option, you will be able to choose the license packages for different user numbers. The license key will be sent with an email titled “Thanks for Buying ForeUI‏ License” after your payment is finished.

You can checkout via PayPal, which can directly accept your credit card or bank card.

If you are reseller and want to buy ForeUI for your client, this guide introduces the steps.

ForeUI Prototyping Tool

Need help for placing order? Please contact us via [email protected]

If you have license key that is older than one year, you can renew your ForeUI license with 50% discount.

Here are some nice examples created with ForeUI, including low fidelity sketch, medium fidelity wireframe and high fidelity prototype. They are not just clickable mockups, they are real interactive prototype with all kinds of interactions. Some of them could even work as functional web applications, as they have web services on their back.

Free Ui Ux Prototyping Tools

Please click any thumbnail to load the corresponding HTML5 simulation in your web browser.

Foreui prototyping tools

Web Ui Prototyping Tools Free

You may also be interested in downloading the plot files in ForeUI Store.

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