Flextime is the most commonly requested, the easiest to manage and the most affordable flexible work option. It offers flexibility in arrival, departure and/or meal times, typically with a designated core-time mid-day during which all staff members are present.

Flextime definition, a system of working that allows an employee to choose, within limits, the hours for starting and leaving work each day. Many aspects of their personal lives can conflict with the standard nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday hours. Whatever the reason, most employees appreciate the option to follow a flexible schedule, also known as flex time. Flex time allows employees to customize their schedules within a certain range of hours and days.

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While there are no strict rules governing flextime, time flexibility usually is built into the beginning, middle or end of the day. These arrangements often include a designated time through the central portion of the day during which all staff are present, referred to as 'the core work time' or 'core hours.' Core hours encourage continued connection between staff members and offer opportunities for group meetings and communications.

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Flextime Meaning

Advantages and Challenges

Most flextime arrangements involve slight variations in the staff member's normal schedule. As a result, they are among the easiest flexible work arrangements to manage (for supervisors and staff members).Loosely structured flextime arrangements may present several challenges, including
• adequate department coverage and customer service, and
• ability to monitor overtime for non-exempt staff members.
Staggering the beginning and ending times of staff members in a particular work unit can improve work area coverage and extend the hours of service to internal and external customers.In areas where several staff members work flextime schedules, it may be a challenge to coordinate staff members' schedules for adequate department coverage and customer service.
Flexibility and variety of hours worked can vary commute times.It may be a challenge to sustain morale among staff members who do not have the opportunity to work a flexible work arrangement but who have co-workers with flexible work arrangements.
Allows staff members to schedule work around their needs.Staff members may get 'stuck' in the same routine for a long period of time.

Flextime Example


Mary worked with her supervisor to establish a flextime working arrangement so she would be able to pick her daughter up from school each day and participate in her after-school activities. Mary's flextime schedule allows her to come into work at 6 a.m. and leave at 3 p.m. daily.

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