FilePane releases update to version 1.7.


FilePane for Mac is a lightweight, versatile tool for quick file management. It works by allowing users to drag and drop files across the screen and into the FilePane drop window. From here, FilePane allows users to perform a myriad of task such as:

  1. Path Finder is the first choice of many power users for features beyond the lauded dual.
  2. FilePane - Enhance the power of drag-and-drop on your Mac. (Mac and Tech) Read the opinion of 18 influencers. Discover 13 alternatives like Dropzone 3 and Yoink.

Step 1: Download and Install FilePane. FilePane is available through the Mac App Store for $4.99, but you can install a free 7-day trial version directly from their website using this link.Just download it, open up the DMG file, then drag and drop FilePane into your Applications folder.

  • Resize, crop, rotate images
  • Set Desktop picture
  • Show file size
  • Copy file’s path to clipboard
  • Convert Text Documents to PDF,
  • Moving, copying and sharing Files, Images and Text via AirDrop, Twitter/Facebook

Yesterday, November 2, developer Sergii Iamkovyi, released an update to FilePane that includes optimization for Yosemite. The UI has been simplified and polished. The main icon and menu bar icons have change to fit the Yosemite style and some minor bugs have been repaired. We are very excited about this update and look forward to using it side-by-side with Yosemite. For our full review on FilePane, visit For more information on the developer and his other apps, visit



The object of JFileChooser class represents a dialog window from which the user can select file. It inherits JComponent class.

JFileChooser class declaration

Let's see the declaration for javax.swing.JFileChooser class.

Filepane App

Commonly used Constructors:

Filepane Download

JFileChooser()Constructs a JFileChooser pointing to the user's default directory.
JFileChooser(File currentDirectory)Constructs a JFileChooser using the given File as the path.
JFileChooser(String currentDirectoryPath)Constructs a JFileChooser using the given path.



Java JFileChooser Example




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