During the past two weeks, I have been working on porting the Eigenmath math engine to the Casio Prizm. The official website of Eigenmath is currently at http://gweigt.net/eigenmath.html and the only version available seems to be distributed through the Mac App Store, however if you look around enough on the internet, you'll find Windows, Linux and even Nintendo DS builds. And from on now, Eigenmath is available for the Prizm, too!

Standar input keyboard to set easy math expressions calculus into algebra software.

Eigenmath-fx - Port of the Eigenmath CAS engine to the Casio fx-9860 Calculators. Fork of the Original Mike's Work. The following example shows how Eigenmath scans the entire symbol to nd Greek letters. Alphamunu = 1 alphamunu = 1 When a symbolic chain is de ned, Eigenmath follows the chain as far as possible. The following example sets A= Bfollowed by B= C. Then when Ais evaluated, the result is C. A = B B = C A A= C. The Eigenmath manual and sample scripts are available at To build and run: cd src make./eigenmath Press ctrl-C to exit. To run a script. Eigenmath port for the Casio Prizm (fx-CG 10 and 20) This is a port of the Eigenmath math engine to the Casio Prizm in the form of an add-in, providing numerous math functions not available in the OS, including symbolic computation.

Eigenmath Casio

As you see, some simple form of natural display is supported. When the natural display output is too large to fit in a single line, the equivalent to Casio's 'Line' display mode is used, meaning natural display is disabled.
Matrices small enough to fit in the screen are also displayed in a more natural way.
This port of Eigenmath also includes a function catalog. Help for each function may be included in the future.
Unlike diameter's port of Eigenmath to the fx9860, in this port big numbers are supported and the results are right for 99% of the symbolic calculations. Floating point numbers are also supported, even though the precision could be better. Anyway, for that kind of math, you can use Casio's Run-Mat
Also, the keyboard keys are linked to Eigenmath functions and symbols as much as I could. The ! for factorials can be inserted with the store (→) key.

Eigenmath Github

Unfortunately it is a bit slow. Memory leaks from Beta 1 seem to have been mostly fixed in Beta 2. If you start getting memory/malloc-related errors, exit the add-in (open another) then open Eigenmath again.
System errors should never occur, though.
Known issues (important)Eigenmath
OnlineFactorizing x^2+1 returns (x+1)(x-1) which is clearly wrong. The Linux build of Eigenmath, which was built from the same source code that this port was based on, correctly returns x^2+1 when factorizing. I have done tests and couldn't find other problems when factorizing. Please let us know if you find any more wrong results. You have been warned.
Source code
EigenmathThe add-in is licensed under the GNU GPL v2 and source code will appear on my GitHub soon. Right now the build process is quite hackish, it needs
(((Casio's library for the fx9860) with modifications by Simon) converted to GCC format)

Eigenmath 137

along with
((libm and libc) hacked together from (AHelper's fork of libfxcg))
Yeah, that mix is right and I even put parentheses for you to parse better. Right now my development environment is a mess, worse than those parentheses.

Eigenmath Manual

Make sure to read the 'known issues' above. Also, read the disclaimer that appears when you press F6 when running the add-in.

Eigenmath Source Code

Download Beta 2
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