If you’re not up on the latest technology, you still have likely heard of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. What you may not know if how exactly they work and that they can make it extremely easy to get to the Seattle cruise port.

You can use Uber/Lyft from Port Everglades. As long as the driver as the necessary passes to get into the port. But, the taxi's are already there waiting You will have to wait for the Uber/Lyft to show up, which could take 15 minutes or so.

Calculate the cost of your next Lyft ride using the Lyft fare estimator. Enter your pickup and dropoff location to view the most accurate price estimate. Masks for both Uber, Lyft. Cruises from Japan, Taiwan and Australia as well as cruises to Hawaii and French Polynesia through November also are canceled. Los Angeles Times. In some regions, Lyft offers scheduled rides for standard, XL, Lux, Lux Black, and Lux Black XL ride modes.Plan ahead by scheduling a ride up to 7 days ahead of time. Join Lyft Pink to unlock perks like 15% off rides, free Grubhub+ membership, exclusive offers, and more. All for $19.99 a month. All for $19.99 a month. Available in the US only.

Uber and Lyft (along with other ride-sharing services) allow anyone to turn their own personal vehicle into a taxicab. Through an app that you download on your smartphone, riders can request a ride. The app then matches passengers with drivers, and provides details such as how long until the driver arrives, the driver’s name and details and their phone number. All payments are taken care of through your credit card linked to the app. No cash is involved.

Note: If you are a first-time Lyft user, we’ve arranged for $50 in ride credit (making Lyft usually the cheapest way to get around). Sign up here to claim your credit now.

These ride-sharing services have soared in popularity because they make catching a ride quick and easy. You no longer have to call a cab company and wait for a ride. Instead, since there are so many Uber/Lyft drivers, someone is usually always within a few minutes of you.

In addition, drivers are rated and reviewed by riders. If a driver fails to get a good score, then they can no longer be eligible to drive for the company.

But the most enticing part is that your ride can be considerably less than a typical cab (at times up to 20% less!).

While Uber and Lyft aren’t legal in some cities due to rules and regulations around licensing, Seattle allows them to operate freely, except for at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Right now they aren’t technically allowed to pick up there, but many still do. Lyft drivers seem to have the ability to pick up from the airport. Uber drivers aren’t allowed to, but the company has a workaround until the rules on its drivers change:

Previously, it was impossible to hail an uberX ride from Sea-Tac with the geo-fence. Now, though, when you drop a pin at the airport, a notification pops up that reads, “Welcome to Sea-Tac, request when you are ready, and your driver will meet you at the Arrivals level.”

From there, you can designate which door you are at and your “uberX” driver — in this case, someone working for a for-hire company — will show up.


Uber first partnered with Seattle for-hire companies this past October, allowing customers to request a for-hire driver from the Uber app. For-hire vehicles in Seattle differ from taxicabs because they charge a flat fee per trip versus a metered fare.

Source: Geekwire

Update:As of March 30, 2016, Uber and Lyft are now approved to operate freely at Sea-Tac. For more details, visit this page.

Cost of Uber/Lyft to the Port of Seattle

So how much does it cost? We’ve put together some estimates for popular places to the cruise ports. Keep in mind these are just estimates. As well, these rates are not per person as the company’s most popular services offer rides for up to four people for the same rate. (There are some services if you have more riders, or you can request two drivers.)

The prices shown below are for the most basic offerings and are estimates. (Note: Both Uber and Lyft show service areas that exclude Tacoma, but Uber provides and estimated fare from the city.)

(First-time rider with Lyft? Use this link to sign up and receive a $50 free ride credit.)

Have you used a ride-share service to get to the port? Tell us about it in the comments below.

In the 1950's, Cunard advertised that 'Getting there is half the fun!', but we're pretty sure they were talking about your cruise (well, transatlantic crossing), not about getting to and from the port. Dining, entertainment, and relaxation are all just steps away as you wake up in new and exciting destinations without the common woes of international travel, but you do however have to figure out how to get to and from the cruise port at the beginning and end of your cruise though, so let's check out how to make this journey without breaking the bank.

We're going to go over different options for getting to and from the port, but for the sake of brevity, we'll talk about getting to the port on embarkation day, as any of the options apply similarly, if not identically, when leaving the port at the end of your cruise.

Cruise Line Transfers

Cruise For Lyft

If you're planning on going directly to the port from the airport, or, if you're staying at a hotel that was arranged by your cruise line, then the cruise line generally has transfers available for purchase. The nice thing about these transfers is that they often take care of your baggage for you (often you check your bags at the airport and see them next in your stateroom) and, like shore excursions, you have a certain level of recourse should you run into any issues with your jounrey. Cruise lines may be able to arrange car services and such, but for as it's a more common option, we're focusing on bus/motor coach transfers.

Cruise lyft

The downside of these transfers is that they aren't 'on demand', so you may have to wait a bit for the next bus, and, if you're traveling with more than two people in your party, the price can be a bit high.

For example, the prices below demonstrate the pricing for several popular routes, as provided by Royal Caribbean International. One note, is that if you enjoy a post-cruise shore excursion, they usually include drop off at your airport - so a $60/pp airboat tour after your cruise becomes a better value if you would have spent $30/pp just to get to the airport.

Miami Intl AirportFt Lauderdale Intl Airport
Port of Miami$18.00/person/one way$30.00/person/one way
Port Everglades (Ft Lauderdale)$30.00/person/one way$16.75/person/one way

Looking for more information about cruise line transfers? We've got you covered.

Taxi Cabs

Perhaps the most common method of making this journey is with by taking a cab, as no matter where in the world you go, the process is largely the same, and little planning is required. My personal experience with cabs in South Florida hasn't been great. I've found that the cars tend to be less clean, the drivers less knowledgeable, and the rates much higher than cabs in other major US cities. I'm sure there are exceptions (though pricing is standardized in South Florida), but again, I'm just speaking of my experience. That in mind, there is something to be said for the simplicity of a cab, and you'll have no trouble finding a cab in the more touristy parts of South Florida.

Unlike transfers from your cruise line (and most other bus transfers), you don't pay per person for cabs in most of the US, so if you are a group of four (or more and you get a van cab), the value proposition does go up. Below are the rates as provided by taxifinder.com, FLL and MIA websites, etc. Some rates are fixed,others are not, so these are estimates only.

Miami Intl AirportFt Lauderdale Intl AirportEmbassy Suites Ft LauderdaleSouth Beach
Port of Miami$27.00$83.00$81.00$31.00
Port Everglades (Ft Lauderdale)$75.00$15.00$6.00$89.00
Miami Intl Airport--------$84.00$35.00
Ft Lauderdale Intl Airport--------$15.00$87.00

Hotel Transfers

If you're staying at a hotel the night before your cruise, you'll find that many hotels advertise shuttles to and from the airport and cruise ports, some even allowing you to leave your car parked at the hotel to avoid costly port parking (if you drove down for your cruise).

I didn't create a chart for these options, because to be honest, the pricing is all over the place. For some people, there may be some great options here, but I mostly want you to know what to look our for, as not all of these offers are what they seem. For one, hotels frequently advertise these shuttles as free or included, but digging deeper, they often simply have a different room rate if you want to take advantage of these services (similar to how a room that includes 'free' breakfast may cost $35/night more than one which doesn't). Another variable here are the shuttle schedules. Is there only one shuttle scheduled per day? Does that shuttle line up with your cruise/flight schedules? Some hotels may advertise 'regular shuttle service', but how frequently? Standing outside the hotel or port with all of your bags for 45 minutes waiting for a bus will never be the highlight of your trip - so find out before booking if this will work out in your favor.

I'm in no way knocking these hotel offerings, only making sure that you find out the full story before assuming that 'included' means free, or learning that 'regularly scheduled' means every other hour.

Check out this video we made explaining some of the things you should look out for when thinking about parking at your hotel during your cruise, much of it can apply to shuttles as well.

Cruise For Lyft

Uber or Lyft (Billy's Pick)

You've likely at least heard of Uber or Lyft. They're ride sharing services, which basically means you use a very simple smartphone app to request a ride, and your driver uses his/her personal vehicle. There has been much controversy around these services, but know that unlike some markets, these service are regulated in South Florida. The local governments have worked with the companies to ensure vehicle safety inspections, driver background checks, etc are all up to snuff. Personally, I prefer these services to cabs in most markets. I find requesting a ride is quick and easy, because of the app, you know that the driver has GPS (and won't easily get lost), your route is monitored so that you're given a ride, and not taken for one, and the cars are generally very clean and comfortable.

Cruise Lyft

The two companies are very similar, and their pricing is very similar as well, as such, I'll give pricing estimates for Uber, as they won my virtual coin toss. Know that both services provide different options in terms of vehicles. UberX (standard sedans, such as Honda Accords), Uber XL (vans and other high-capacity vehicles), Lux and Lux SUV (luxury cars and SUVs), etc. Different markets have variations, but the app explains each one, and shows you the estimated rates for each. I'll provide estimates for UberX, which would generally be fine for two or three passengers, and UberXL (vans/large SUVs), in case the amount of luggage or size of your party requires more space. Overall, if you can use UberX, you'll save a ton of money on longer trips compared to a cab - though if you need a larger vehicle, the savings isn't as profound, and you may even consider two UberX vehicles instead of one UberXL.

If you haven't used these services before, don't worry, they make it really easy. You download the app, sign up, put in your payment info, and when you're ready to get picked up you just press a button, see your estimate, and go. One nice option with Lyft I'll mention however, is that they allow you to preschedule rides in the app - so if you know you'll need a ride from your hotel at 10:00am tomorrow, you can set it up in advanced and have one less thing to worry about. If you sign up for Uber now by going to this link you will get your first ride for free, up to $20. You can do the same for Lyft and get up to $15 off your first ride by going to www.lyft.com/id/william3509. Go ahead and sign up, then you at least have the option ready to go in the event you end up using their service in the future - you'll also help support the site.

Cruise For Life

*(UberX/UberXL)*Miami Intl AirportFt Lauderdale Intl AirportEmbassy Suites Ft LauderdaleSouth Beach
Port of Miami$21/$44$38/$72$39/$77$111/$24
Port Everglades (Ft Lauderdale)$39/80$14/$25$10/$14$42/$84
Miami Intl Airport--------$43/$80$23/$37
Ft Lauderdale Intl Airport--------$15/$23$40/$76

*estimates updated August 2019

Note that at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Uber and Lyft tell you to proceed to the Commercial Vehicle Pickup Area. There are two of these (at least - check the map in your app for other potential spots), one between terminals one and two, the other between terminals two and three. Just look for signs like this - it's easy, we promise.

Cruise For Lyft Seniors

What about car seats?

If you're traveling with children that need to be in car seats, know that Uber and Lyft have this option in some locations, but not yet in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. The good news is that if you're heading from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Port Canaveral (a comparatively long but common trip for cruisers), this option is available. As Uber and Lyft continue to expand, check back, as this may become an option in other areas popular with families.

In Conclusion

Cruise For Lyft Driver

There is no clear winner for everyone, but especially for longer trips, it's hard for me to beat the price and flexibility of Uber and Lyft. That in mind, if you're looking to do a post-cruise/disembarkation shore excursion, there may be some value (in price and convenience) in working out transfers with your cruise line. Many hotels offer shuttles, but it's important to know the details. In addition to all of this, if spending some time in the South Florida area before or after your cruise is part of the plan, be sure to keep in mind the information about cabs and Uber/Lyft so that you can enjoy your stay and get out to see what South Florida has to offer. Oh, and if you se this as just another thing to have to worry about and plan, this is one of the reasons we really recommend using a good travel agent.

Cruise For Lyft People

Have a tip or a question? Think we missed something? Reach out on Twitter or Facebook, or comment below!

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