CopyMastro (wersja 2.1.3) is typically installed in the C: Program Files (x86) CopyMastro directory, but this location can vary a lot depending on the user's choice while installing the application. C: Program Files (x86) CopyMastro unins000.exe is the full command line if you want to uninstall CopyMastro (wersja 2.1.3). CopyMastro is a powerful copy software that supports several different tasks, e.g. For backing up data, syncing data, or merging data from multiple folders.

CopyMastro is an open source copy and backup utility developed by Marco Mastroddi. You don't need to install, just download, unzip and start it. Simple, fast and useful.
  • Multi-thread copy: speed up your copies.
  • Clone copy: preserve permissions, access and modification date (also tag colors and XAttributes in MacOSX).
  • Smart: copy hidden files, support for long filenames and error recovery.
  • Secure: file integrity check after copy.
  • Custom copy: available filters to select what you want to copy or skip.
  • Integrated: support to external copy program like rsync or robocopy.
  • Resumable: you can save a stopped copy task and resume it later.
  • Move option: with removing the files after a successful copy you can better organize your disk space.
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CopyMastro 2.0.8 - direct download link - archive
CopyMastro 2.0.8 - direct download link - installer
CopyMastro - Copying:
CopyMastro - Copying - Completed:
CopyMastro - Verifying - completed:
CopyMastro - Copied:
CopyMastro - Preferences:
Since version 2.0.8CopyMastro archive is portable and stealth, the archive includes a file 'copymastro.rc' which contains the following string:Optionally, the program can be started with the following parameter:

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From Copymasters hawaiiCopyMastroonline help:
Portable option for USB key users
Additionally if you would like to run CopyMastro from a USB key with all setting and log files contained then you need to edit the text in the file copymastro.rc by changing the following:
Portable=falseto Portable=true
This tells CopyMastro to save all setting and log files to same folder where Copymastro is executed from.
  • Download the ZIP archive (
  • Extract the ZIP archive to a folder of your choice.
  • Run CopyMastro.exe.
  • Data and settings are stored in program folder inside data sub-folder which contains and INI file (copymastro.ini) and a log file (copymastro_log.txt).
Currently CopyMastro runs on Windows 7 and above but the developer plans to compile it for Windows XP and Windows Vista in the near future.

Copymaster 3d

CopyMastro is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License.
Thanks to the developer of CopyMastro - Marco Mastroddi, for the implementation of portable mode.
There is another program by the same developer- BeeBEEP, which is in the database and has been discussed in the forum.
CopyMastro is cross-platform, running on Linux, macOS and Windows.
File details for CopyMastro version 2.0.8, archive:
Name: copymastro-2.0.8.zipCopyMastro
File Size: 8442351 Byte(s) (8.05 MB)
Modified Date: 2017-01-20 20:37
MD5: 8777f0827f30959217e24ced79876c7f
SHA1: bb5f370d51730fcce228b20588b1f342b39c5b1b
SHA256: c806895b9b06da17667b18b12db2d923eb4d7df22a5334b33ec05e4ca574a9e1
CRC32: 02164932
VirusTotal analysis - Detection ratio: 0 / 54
File details for CopyMastro version 2.0.8, installer:

Copymasters Nmb

Name: copymastro-setup-2.0.8.exe
HickoryFile Size: 6769748 Byte(s) (6.46 MB)
Modified Date: 2017-01-20 20:38
MD5: 46d10643aad4578532d9b662377b5b92
SHA1: 0dbbf8d874437961c50a2d4e95e3e001aec7d36b
SHA256: fac81722d75b823ff1333bf82177aae59c420f5b243ca46ed31c9cb2e3e28217
CRC32: 62712dce
VirusTotal analysis - Detection ratio: 1 / 55 (false positive by Qihoo-360)

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