Note: Android Assistant is fully compatible with Android phones and tablets, including the latest ones. For Android users, if you can't find your device on the list below, please take a free trial on it at first, and if you can't connect your device with Android Assistant after trying, please connect our support team via email: [email protected] Manage Media & Documents on Android Device. The Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android.

Coolmuster Android Assistant is probably the best software you find in so many management software. After all, it has all functions of general manager, including file browsing, file backup and recovery, as well as data and app management.

But is it the best file manager? Is there better software to help you manage android device? Browse below for more info.


The versatility of excellent file managers:

1. Ability to browse almost all files or even password protected files.

2. Manage apps, including bulk removal, installation and export to PC/Mac.

3. Back up, add, delete, edit and not repeat contacts to manage contacts.

4. Manage most file types such as SMS, call history, music and video.

5. You can edit photos, albums and photo videos.

6. Fast backup and recovery between Android phones and computers.

7. Manage files in Android SD card.

8. Support for Windows and Mac versions.

9. Transfer data via USB cable or WiFi.

10. Compatible with most iOS devices.

#1 What is Coolmuster Android Assistant?

#2 Coolmuster's Feature Review

#3 Specific Steps of Coolmuster Samsung Message Backup

#4 Is Coolmuster Android Assistant Safe?

#1 Where are Better than Android Assistant for PC/Mac?

#2 Pass Photos in Three Steps between Galaxy and PC

Coolmuster Android Assistant Review

#1 What is Coolmuster Android Assistant?

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a one-stop manager designed to manage and organize all common file types such as media, contacts, text messages, call logs and applications with a single software. Management refers to operations such as backup, restore, edit, and delete to process files.

The software not only has all features of general managers but also has some unique features, which may also be the reason someone chooses it.

#2 Coolmuster's Feature Review

After downloading the software to my computer, I connected my phone and started operation. Between Coolmuster and Samsung, I successfully completed files backup, recovery, deletion and editing. I found some interesting features:

1. Perform function of group messaging on computer.

2. Import and export contacts on Outlook.

3. It allows taking screenshots of Android device.

4. Click to quickly back up and restore Android device.

5. Visualize phone's storage status and file details.

#3 Specific Steps of Coolmuster Samsung Message Backup

Many people are accustomed to using SMS for remote communication, and I am one of them. However, too many important short messages occupy storage of Android devices, resulting in slower running speed. Backup SMS is the best choice. Let's see how Coolmuster copies text messages to computer.

Coolmuster android assistant pc

Step 1. After launching android assistant for PC, if Samsung phone is successfully detected, phone model, system version and other details will be displayed on main interface.

Step 2. Click 'SMS' in left menu to select specific or all messages.

Step 3. Click Export and select a familiar or new folder from the pop to save files.

Of course, it is also possible to back up other types of files, similar to steps above.

The software has Coolmuster Android Assistant for PC and Mac. The same steps to move photos from Samsung to Mac or PC

#4 Is Coolmuster Android Assistant Safe?

Coolmuster downloaded from the official website is a safe and clean software. No virus, no spam or any ads when downloading or using. Therefore, the product can be used safely.

From Coolmuster review, Coolmuster Samsung Assistant is an excellent manager that lets you transfer and manage data, but it will have some important features that are not available, such as two-way transfer of devices and iTunes. After comparing online big data, there is better software: FoneCope Phone Manager.

The best alternative to Coolmuster Android Assistant

FoneCope Phone Manager is a superior manager than Coolmuster. Not only does it have the features of Coolmuster, but it also has some powerful features waiting to be used.

#1 Where are Better than Android Assistant for PC/Mac?

1. Transfer movies, podcasts, playlists, etc. in both directions between Android device and iTunes.

2. Copy files directly between Android and iOS devices.

3. Fast transfer between two Android devices.

4. It allows me to tag and add folders.

5. GIF can be created from still photos, live photos and videos through phone manager.

6. Not only can it sync with Outlook, but it also syncs with vCard, CSV, iCloud and Gmail.

7. When transferring files, it allows intelligently converting files to iOS/Android compatible formats.

8. It can remove pre-installed apps but must be rooted first.

9. Other useful features

#2 Pass Photos between Galaxy and PC in Three Steps

FoneCope Phone Manager can quickly transfer, delete, edit photos in bulk. It also creates photo albums as well as GIF files on Galaxy phone. Even a large number of photos can be transferred in their original quality. Here are specific steps.

Is coolmuster android assistant safe

Step 1. Start Phone Manager

Click download to install and run it, and connect Galaxy phone to PC/Mac. The following interface will appear, Then select 'Transfer' among eight functions to open transfer interface.

Step 2. Transfer Device Photos to Computer

Select 'Transfer Device Photos to PC' from three modes. It will then take time to check all files on the phone (including hidden files). In the pop-up window, choose a familiar storage path for me to find later.

Step 3. Selectively Preview Files

Choose 'Photos', then mark specific photos, click 'Export', and select 'Export to PC' from 'Export to PC' and 'Export to Device'. Of course, it also allows editing and deleting pics in this step.

It also allows transfer of complete albums. Select an album and right click on it, then click 'Export to PC' to transfer the entire album.

All in all, I think both of the two software is easy to use. But Phone Manager is more comprehensive than Coolmuster Samsung assistant, and it is possible to meet the different needs of different people.

Coolmuster Android Assistant Pc

The Bottom Line

This article focuses on the advantages and usage of two software, Coolmuster Samsung Assistant and FoneCope Phone Manager. According to Coolmuster and FoneCope reviews, both two are very convenient. Users can choose any of them to manage phones.

Android Assistant Free

Coolmuster Android Assistant Scam

If you have any thoughts or opinions, you can leave a message in the comments section to contact us.

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