Victory gained through combat; the subjugation of an enemy. (figuratively, by extenstion) An act or instance of overcoming an obstacle. That which is conquered; possession gained by force, physical or moral. (feudal law) The acquiring of property by other means than by inheritance; acquisition. (video game) A competitive mode found in. Japan cannot conquer China with America in her rear, Soviet Russia on her right and England on her left - her most powerful enemies in the South Sea all flanking her. It is this international situation that constitutes one of Japan's great weaknesses. Chiang Kai-shek.

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Difficult Conversations: What to Expect When You Share the News of Your Diagnosis

By Carolyn Byrd, RN-BSN, CBCN

The Road to Becoming a Patient Advocate

By Yelak Biru

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The year 2020 has been the most challenging period I can recall.
Evidence has shown that patients with cancer overall are at increased risk of severe COVID-19 disease, especially those with blood cancers, lung cancer, or metastatic (advanced cancer that is spreading) cancers.

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From Your Navigator

Megan Solinger, MHS, MA, OPN-CG, talks about the hard lessons she’s learned as a patient navigator and the amazing results of her first experience as a fertility preservation navigator.

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Ed Sawa, a 65-year-old male breast cancer survivor, describes his journey through treatment with his support system by his side. Ed hopes that by sharing his story he can help men better understand the possibility of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

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It is recommended that most patients with CLL receive the COVID-19 vaccine, although each patient should still talk with their healthcare team first.

Conquer 2.0 Download

A new laboratory-based scoring system may allow physicians to better predict which patients with early-stage CLL are most likely to require early treatment.

Conqueror Challenge

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