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Commander one pro crack

Commander is the most cost-effective and

complete software product available.

Commander is designed for the marine industry. It handles parts for Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude, Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu and Volvo dealers as well as a long list of aftermarket suppliers.

Mercury Marine says Commander is one of the best software companies: “we review the finest software companies and select the companies that offer you the most complete and effective information systems to assist in managing your dealership”. View MercNetVideo.

Commander One also has a PRO pack which includes some more cool features like FTP Manager, Process Manager, Archiver, Themes, Terminal Emulator and Cloud Drive Integration (Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3). It can also mount MTP devices, and is probably one of the only file managers on Mac that work with Windows Phone devices. One such piece of hardware is the Corsair Commander Pro. Basically, this is a direct replacement for the Commander Mini but includes more features. Click to enlarge.

Commander is the best choice if you’re a marine dealer because we have the features you need:

  • Weekly and Monthly Parts Price Catalog updates

  • Electronic purchase order uploads into MercNET, YMBS and others

  • EZParts5, PartsManager Pro and ARI PartSmart EPC Interface imports parts into invoices and work orders without retyping

  • Available interfaces to QuickBooks and Huggins Outboard Computer Programs aftermarket cross reference

Commander is a cost-effective and complete powersports dealer management system.

Whether you are a small, independent shop or a large franchised dealer you’ll find Commander to be powerful, easy to use and best of all, affordable!

Commander is the right choice for a Powersports DMS system. We have all the right features:

  • Automatic parts price updating for all your vendors

  • EPC interface to HLSM, PartSmart, PartsManager Pro, Honda iN, imports parts into invoices and work orders without retyping.

  • Flat Rate Labor Guide integration

  • Cross reference database with comparative pricing

  • In business for over 40 years

  • Outstanding customer support

  • Available interface to QuickBooks

Commander software has a rich history in the OPE industry, having acquired the Powercom-2000 product from Briggs & Stratton and ARI PartSmart in 1999. “MIC has a solid reputation for customer satisfaction and support, and as a result the dealers are in good hands” . . . ARI

That continuing tradition for a solid software solution lives on today with the Commander Software.

Our OPE software includes an EPC interface to ARI PartSmart. It also connects you to parts price updating with over 400 manufacturers and suppliers, providing an automatic method to quickly update all your prices and add new model part numbers, too.

Your system is always current and you never have to manually add part numbers, prices or descriptions! With Commander, price updates will keep you selling at the latest and most current prices, increasing your profits!

Why use generic off-the-shelf software to run your golf car business when there’s Commander? Commander is the affordable and complete Windows software system that automatically updates parts pricing for

  • Yamaha

  • Club Car

  • EZ Go

  • Kawasaki engine

  • Briggs & Stratton

  • Cushman

  • Nivel

  • Redhawk

  • Bad Boy

With these entire price books loaded on your computer, you’ll never have to manually enter part numbers, descriptions or prices by hand. You’ll also see cross-referenced items and comparative pricing.


Commander is affordable, easy to use and it interfaces with QuickBooks, too.

At a glance


Our Verdict

Since the debut of the classic Mac OS System 1.0 in 1984, the Finder has been an indispensable hub of the graphical user interface experience. Despite many improvements over the year—most radically with OS X in 2001—the core functionality of Apple’s Finder remains largely the same, despite efforts to improve upon the experience even today.

Take command

Commander One is a Mac application written entirely using Apple’s new Swift programming language that provides an alternative to the Finder. The main window is split into dual panes that can be used to act upon files and folders in multiple locations at once. Similar to popular applications like ForkLift, the free version works with local and network drives for search, preview, and other file operations, including the ability to rename files during copy and move. (Try that with the Finder and let me know how it works out for you.)

A paid Pro upgrade adds several unique power user features like archive compression and extraction, a built-in FTP manager, a process viewer, and direct access to Dropbox accounts, MTP, or even iOS devices. Commander One Pro also includes an assortment of color themes, but most of them are fairly gaudy and only apply to the content panes, rather than the entire window.

One of the more compelling features of Commander One are global function key shortcuts for routine file tasks such as View, Edit, Copy, Move, and Delete (others can be customized in preferences). These are displayed across the bottom of the window so they don’t have to be committed to memory. There are also three different views available for each pane: List, column, or thumbnail grid.

Just the two of us

Although Commander One checks off a laundry list worth of features, not all of them are implemented with the same degree of polish. For example, some buttons appear to have been placed randomly across the user interface, and there’s not always a clear indication which pane you’re actually working on at any given time; highlighting the active tab would help rectify this oversight.

By default, the application displays every user interface option available, which tends to be overwhelming at first. Thankfully, users can independently disable six different areas (Buttons, Command Line, Disk List, Disk Info, Path Bar, and Selection Info) from the View menu to streamline what’s actually shown. One thing you can’t do is collapse Commander One into a single pane, although each side can optionally contain an unlimited number of open tabs.

At least one Pro feature was downright buggy in my testing: Adding an FTP server caused Commander One to hang with a spinning beach ball. Repeated attempts produced similar results, requiring me to purge application settings and restart the computer in order to make FTP Manager available again. (The FTP Manager login issue has since been resolved with the latest 1.2 update.)

Commander One PRO

Bottom line

One Commander App

Commander One adds welcome utility the Finder could only dream of and manages to handle most core tasks quite well, but could use further UI refinement and a few bug fixes.

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