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It is phenomenal what God is doing in Atlanta on July 19th-21st…if you are a
minister of movement or visual arts, you will be blessed to see everyone
putting down their rocks of offense, breaking out of their cliques and
joining together in a unified love fest for one another and the Lord Jesus

And…it’s FREE, NO REGISTRATION COST, you just need to get there and take
of your own meals and accommodations.

First time ever awards ceremony for the pioneers done in anointing,
excellence and glamor!!

First time live TV taping of 1000+ worshipers moving for the Lord Jesus
Christ…looking like His Body that has come together for real.

See the YouTube promo below, would love to see you there!!!!

Gathering Of The Levites UNITY Worship Summit Tea

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Christ is our focus! Unity is our method. Our goal is:

  • To become ONE united group, worshiping the ONE true God with united purpose
  • To bring heaven to earth through the arts
  • To declare HIS sovereignty and glory in the earth using the arts
  • To build the kingdom by seeing milions of souls saved

As ONE united front we will push back the forces of darkness in the performing arts.

We will worship together as ONE people, performing ONE movement for the presence of the ONE true God – JEHOVAH! Selah!!!

Our Levitical Priests (Overseers & Pastoral Board)

Rev. Steve Deal of RealDeal Ministries International brings the reality of hope and life from a Kingdom perspective to God’s people. Having pastored youth and adults for over 22 years, he understands the unique challenges the Body of Christ is facing today. He feels one of the primary challenges facing our nation right now is the loss of the role of the father in our homes across this nation. The hole that has been left in the home and in the hearts of children, as well as the rejection issues that surface in our every day lives from the playground to the workforce, have left us wanting…wanting more; wanting to experience healing; wanting to see the supernatural, and wanting to experience the love of God as our heavenly father More info…
Apostle Dr. Elizabeth Hairston is a graduate of Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi where she received a Bachelors of Art Degree in English Literature, with a minor in Speech and Drama. Both a Master of Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts in Christian Education and Drama from The Methodist Theological School in Delaware Ohio.In addition, Apostle Hairston earned a Doctorate of Biblical Studies Degree from International Seminary, Plymouth, Florida. Elizabeth Hairston obtained from Friends International University a Doctorate of Divinity Degree and a Ph. D. from Friends International University in Merced, California. More info… and
Celebrating 25 years in service to the Lord Jesus Christ, one of Pastor Stine’s mandates is to ensure those in Sacred Arts apply God’s Word to every aspect of their lives as prophetic priests. Founder of Steps Ordered by God Christian Church and the Chebel Prophets TrainingCenter, she is a visionary and author of “Dance! According to the Scriptures,” with three other books in the works set to release in 2012.More Info…

Apostle Smith has an extensive background in ministry. He has been preaching the Word of God for over 34 years. He is an author, playwright, director, producer, actor, comedian and overseer of Kingdom Nation International Ministries as well as Executive Director of Christian Brothers Film Academy. Apostle Smith has an extensive background in the Entertainment Industry.

More Info…

Apostle (Bishop) Dr. Lyrica Smith is the Founding pastor of The International Church for ALL Nations, an apostolic church, and covers over 31 additional churches in the USA and around the world. Dr. Lyrica Joy is the founder of INTO ALL THE WORLD Churches and Ministerial Fellowship
providing ordinations, mentoring, training and fellowship for many independent churches and para-church ministries and ministers. Dr. Lyrica Joy holds a Doctor of Theology Degree; with an emphasis in Judaic Studies from Living Savior Bible Institute. Dr. Lyrica Joy is a consecrated
Apostle and International Bishop. Apostle Dr. Lyrica Joy is a sought after International Worship Leader, Seminary Educator , Missions Leader, Educator, and Crusades Preacher of the Gospel in the USA and around the
world and has ministered in over fourty-two countries including Israel, Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, England, France, Albania, Finland, Kenya,Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, Croatia, Barbados, and across the United States.Website:

I was saved in 1979 and led an ordinary Christian life until 1992, when after reading a book by Reinhardt Bonnke about the World Wide Revival, I prayed a simple prayer asking the Lord to use me in this revival. That night, He called me and commissioned me to speak words to His Bride to help her become the Glorious Bride. He did not allow me to share the things He shared with me until seventeen years later, when He had me start the website then, He has opened doors for me to begin sharing messages that have helped His People to learn to walk in the fullness of what He purchased for all of us on the Cross.


Pastor Warren is the head of a technology company that focuses much of its attention on pulling churches into the 21st century with respect to technology. He is a graduate of Bethel Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business degree from Excelsior College. He spent 14 years in the US Air Force working as an interpreter and translator. Pastor Warren has focused much of his time in the world of education where he taught Bible courses in a private school, served as Education Pastor in an Evangelical Free church, served as the Pastor of Outreach and Missions in a United Methodist church in Florida.

He currently serves as Pastor of Online Outreach for a community church in Port St. Lucie FL.Praise God, I’m Pastor Gloria. Together with my husband Pastor Steve we have been shepherds of God’s children for over 40 years. We love to preach and teach God’s people. We have an Apostolic Ministry. We have planted many churches and ministered to a great ethnic variety of God’s people. In Canada and now in America our message is consistent. You must Know God for yourself. Our job as Pastors is to guide you in that direction!

Levitical Instructional Leaders (alphabetical order)



Steven Gonzalez – Ponce, Puerto Rico–PRODUCTION WORSHIP

Valerie Harris – Birmingham, AL ADULT CHOIR WORSHIP


Clarissa Stroud – Maryland LITURGICAL DANCE WORSHIP


Terrance Pride – Tallahassee, FL–LITURGICAL DANCE WORSHIP

April Pruit – Atlanta, GA–HIP HOP PRAISE DANCE

Ceceree Crack

Apostle Charles Smith- Miami, FL–DRAMA & CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT


Apostle Dr Lyrica Joy Smith – Cincinnati, OH–GRAND PROCESSIONAL

Cecere Download


Cece Reed

Pastoral Team Leader Pastor Steve Deal
Executive Administrator Team Leader Amy Chiesa
Planning & Logistic Team Leader Paulette Rolle-Alesnik
Treasury & Bookkeeping Team Leader Pastor Lynnette Deal
Website & Social Media Team Leader Roxi Arthur
Worship Instructors Team Leader Terrence Pride
Ministry CPA John Polina
Award Ceremony Team Leader Pastor Stine McDonalds
Transportation Team Leader Dr. Lyrica Joy Smith
City Leaders Team Leader Gay Stoughton
Youth Team Leader Minister Tre’ Cline
Intercessory Prayer Team Leader Jackie Wells & Angela Cline
Onsite Manager Team Leader Ricky Harris
Garment Designs Team Leaders 4ever Praise Dance Store, The Joy Store, Betty Kiser
MarketPlace Team Leader Paulette Rolle-Alesnik
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