Blue Sphere develops, owns and operates waste-to-energy facilities that are changing the world today and for tomorrow.


Blue Spheres is a mini game, in which you have to turn all the blue spheres into red spheres. The player plays as Sonic The Hedgehog. If you touch a red sphere, you exit the mini game, If you touch a blank sphere, you get bounced back. You do not die, but. Collect all the blue spheres to receive a silver medallion. If Sonic can collect all the rings in the level before acquiring all the blue orbs, the final reward will be a gold medallion instead. In yellow, blue, green, and red, the DecMode 4-in. Ceramic Decorative Ball Sculpture - Set of 4 adds color to your favorite basket or bowl. These ceramic spheres feature.

Blue Sphere transforms millions of tons of agricultural, municipal and industrial waste into sustainable clean energy and other by-products. Over time, independent power producers like Blue Sphere will replace the need for environmentally harmful landfills that pollute. Blue Sphere is what you get when you lock-on Sonic & Knuckles onto Sonic 1. It is a multitude of the special stages from S3K. It has in total 134,217,728 sta.

Blue Sphere, a global Independent Power Producer
turns harmful wastes into sustainable energy.

Blue spheres sonic mania

Our complex systems help to:

Treat or eliminate waste rather than bury it

Reduce methane and other greenhouse gas emissions

Turn organic waste into sustainable clean energy

Protect underground water supplies

Organic waste can help supply a large and sustainable source of clean energy for growing global demands.

Blue Sphere transforms millions of tons of agricultural, municipal and industrial waste into sustainable clean energy and other by-products.

Over time, independent power producers like Blue Sphere will replace the need for environmentally harmful landfills that pollute our soil, underground water tables and atmosphere. Instead of burying organic waste, Blue Sphere transforms these harmful materials into sustainable clean energy, helping to eliminate the release of damaging greenhouse gases.

Million Tons

Organic Waste Generated Each Year

only 1.74m (4.8%) is leveraged for energy & soil amendment


Market Growth Over 5 Years

Forecast exceed $37 Billion by 2020

Blue Spheres Appointment Calendar

Billion $

Global Waste-to-Energy Market

Including Thermal and Biological Technologies

Blue Sphere provides end-to-end development of complex infrastructure systems that turn waste into sustainable energy. Our team excels in financing, technical competency, regulatory compliance, feedstock procurement and project management.


301 McCullough Drive,
4th Floor Charlotte, NC 28262


You may fear that you are going to crack open. You may fear that you are going to break, like an egg; shatter like glass, into a million pieces. You may worry that you can no longer contain the pressure of this ascension process.

Welcome, my brothers and sisters, to the final stage of the Ascension process. It is no easy thing to ascend; it is not easy to ascend in mass, nor is it easy to ascend in form. Imagine the tip of an arrow, flying through space. Imagine the pressure that builds at the very tip: that is you.

Blue Sphere Waste To Energy

You who are reading this are at the tip of Ascension. You are experiencing the brunt of the force of change and transformation, so that others – who have not volunteered to be here as agents of change – may also have the opportunity to ascend.

There are many earth-bound souls who are present at this time because they wish to experience ascension. But they are not the catalysts creating ascension in the way that you are. It is like a bus, both the driver and the passengers are travelling, but the driver has a role of responsibility, the driver is a guide bringing those who have asked to move to their destination. The driver does not get off at the stop, it is not her or his destination; the driver returns to the terminus, the central base to meet up with the other drivers.

Ascension is quite similar to this rather basic explanation. You are drivers, not passengers. It is no wonder you are tired from the concentration, the dedication, the work.

Everyone on the bus is on the same road, but the passengers go less consciously; the driver is paying attention to the road, the pedestrians, the lights, the other vehicles. The quality of the journey of the driver and the passenger are distinctly different even though the journey appears to be the same.

When you are drained and exhausted, when you feel utterly spent, as if you cannot go on anymore, and others around you seem to think you are over-reacting because they are coping better, pay no attention! The quality of your journey is far, far more intense because you bear much greater responsibility.

It is for good reason that you feel as though you will crack, you will shatter, you will explode. Because you will. That time is coming very, very soon.

Don’t resist the feelings of implosion/explosion. They are a crucial part of the process; the chick cannot hatch without breaking the egg, the child cannot be born without leaving the mother, the butterfly cannot fly without freeing itself of the cocoon that once served it so well.

So it is for you. The intensity of this feeling is a marked sign that you are very close indeed. Like a mother giving birth, breath through the spasms. They will pass and you will be able to continue. You are nearly there, hang in there, for you are nearly there now.

Note: When Blossom Goodchild suggested meditating with the seven blue spheres, I began doing this out of curiosity, after three weeks of receiving no channels, the following channel arrived during meditation. I realised afterwards that, for decades, I have been seeing small blue orbs around me!

» Sources » Channel: Jennifer Crkaert

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