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Extracting Files and Folders From an Archive

Better Zip Compression


There are several ways to extract files from archives:

BetterZip 5 for Mac 是一款MacOS平台上强大的压缩解压软件,BetterZip mac 破解版支持大部分压缩格式(ZIP,SIT,TAR,GZip,BZip2,RAR,7-Zip,CPIO,ARJ,LZH / LHA,JAR,WAR,CAB,ISO,CHM,RPM,DEB,NSIS,BIN,HQX等)、支持压缩包加密,而且不用解压即可预览文件,同时还具有窗口式的查看界面,解压部分文件等. BetterZip 5 has become easier to automate when compared to the previous versions. You can connect the workflow of BetterZip with apps like Alfred, Automator, Dropzone, Hazel, and LaunchBar. All of these apps are awesome in their own right, and BetterZip 5 makes the best use of them.

BetterZip can create archives with these formats: ZIP, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TXZ, 7-ZIP, XAR, and — using the external command line utility — RAR. You can also add files to or delete files from archives, move and rename files inside archives. Edit archived files in an external application and BetterZip can update your archive. BetterZip Quick Look Generator lets you view the contents of compressed archives through OS X's Quick Look functions. Simply select an archive in the Finder, in Mail, or Spotlight and press the spacebar. BetterZip: the most advanced zip and rar archiver for file compression, encryption. BetterZip makes it easy to work with zip, rar, 7-zip, tar, and xz files and it helps with opening winmail.dat files on your Mac.

You can simply drag files and folders from the archive into any Finder window, onto the desktop or even onto folders in the Dock.

Alternatively, choose File > Extract All… or File > Extract Selected…, choose the destination folder in the open panel and click the Extract Here button. If any items are selected in the archive window, you can tell BetterZip to extract all files anyway by holding down the ⇧ key while choosing the menu command.

To extract an archive using one of the configured presets, choose File > Extract with Preset > Your Preset or click and hold the Extract button in the toolbar and choose the preset from the menu that will pop up after a moment. You can uncompress the archive using the default preset by clicking the Extract toolbar button once (without holding it down too long). If no default extract preset is set, this single click will extract the selected files (or all files, if none are selected) using the standard open panel.

Developer(s)Robert Rezabek
Initial releaseMay 4, 2006; 14 years ago[1]
Stable release
5.0[2] / June 17, 2020; 9 months ago
Operating systemmacOS 10.10 and later[1]
Available inMultiple languages
TypeFile archiver

BetterZip is a trialwarefile archiver developed by Robert Rezabek, and first released in May 2006.[1]It is developed solely for the macOS platform. Unlike the built-in Archive Utility from Apple it includes the ability to extract and compress in many archive formats, as well as the ability to view an archive and selectively extract files without automatically extracting the entire contents.[3]


Betterzip 4

BetterZip supports extraction of the following file types:


The following file types are supported for archive creation:

  • ZIP, Uncompressed TAR, TAR with Gzip compression, TAR with BZip2 compression, 7Z, XAR

BetterZip does not include RAR compression without separately downloading the command line RAR utility from Rarlab. BetterZip will then integrate RAR compression into its GUI like other formats.

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