The AutoMounter Helper App is designed to work with AutoMounter to mount shares in /Volumes and other custom mount locations. Simply download and open the disk image, then double click the AutoMounterHelper app to install.

Linux Automounter

Author: Brian Jones The world of automounters is a confusing one. For one thing, a single automounter wasn’t enough, so there are two of them for Linux, called ‘amd’ and ‘autofs’. While it’s easy to say ‘well, just pick one and go on your way’, many environments have demands that will require both, and both. GM/CA Automounters An improved, high capacity (18 puck, 288 pins) automounter, based on the Berkeley Automounter (BAM), is implemented on both GM/CA ID beamlines. The high capacity automounter installed in the GM/CA 23-IDD hutch View into the GM/CA High Capacity, 18-puck Dewar Letters indicate the corresponding position in the template. Adding –ghost at the end of your definition in /etc/auto.master or in /etc/auto.master.d/ definitions, tells the automounter to create “ghost” versions (i.e. Empty directories) of all the mount points listed in the configuration file regardless whether any of the file systems are actually mounted. AutoMounter is here to make your life easier, intelligently managing your NAS servers and shares, ensuring your shares and files are always accessible and ready to use.

Version: 1.4.0
Released: 26/08/2020
Requirements: macOS 10.12+
Release Notes: Support for macOS 11.0 Big Sur and Apple Silicon. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

AutoMounterHelper 1.3.5 for macOS 10.11AutoMounter

How to Uninstall


If you wish to uninstall the Helper App, simply download and open the disk image, then double click the AutoMounterHelper app. You can then select 'Uninstall', and it will be removed from your system.

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