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Art Of Illusion Band

Art of Illusion Bydgoszcz, Poland placeholder progressive rock/metal with many virtuose solos, heavy guitar riffs, melodic vocals, piano, common changes of moods, tempo and rhythms. Art of Illusion is a free, open source, 3D modelling and rendering studio. Many of its capabilities rival those found in commercial programs. Highlights include subdivision surface based modelling tools, skeleton based animation, and a graphical language for designing procedural textures and materials.

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Art of Illusion. Art of Illusion is a free, multiplatform Modeling, Animation and Rendering suite written in the java language. It features a simple, streamlined interface to a broad array of powerful features, including keyframe and pose based animations, an integrated scripting environment, and a built in raytracer. Discover how artists have been tricking the human eye for centuries in this gorgeous and wide-ranging exploration of the art of illusion. This spellbinding look at the history and development of illusionistic art reveals wide-ranging techniques that have piqued the public's fascination with this medium.

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Art Of Illusion Museum Sunrise

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Art of illusion museum sunriseIllusionCold War Of Solipsism
Art Of Illusion

Art Of Illusions

Art of IllusionProgressive Metal

Art Of Illusion Museum

Review by kev rowland
Special CollaboratorHonorary Reviewer

Art of Illusion are a Polish prog metal act who are new to me, but this is their second album, released at the beginning of 2018 (following up on 'Round Square of the Triangle' which was released in 2014). The quintet are Marcin Walczak (vocal, choirs), Filip Wiśniewski (guitars), Paweł Łapuć (keyboards, piano), Mateusz Wiśniewski (bass), Kamil Kluczyński (drums, choirs) and I am amazed that I have not previously come across either the band or any of the individuals as this is quite some album. There are some similarities with fellow Polish band Riverside, but I think what really makes this album for me are the changes in tempo and the twists and turns which allows them to bring in elements that are quite deliberately off-key, creating discord that then returns to harmony.

Art Of Illusions Sawgrass Mall

There is a high use of piano, which adds a different feel to the more keyboard oriented bands in the genre, while the bass is also used as a lead melody instrument at times which definitely adds to the complexity as Mateusz uses many different styles, not content with just providing a backbone. Kamil is also an incredibly complex drummer, certainly not settling into any particular style or form for very long, ensuring that there is a different feel being provided into different areas of songs. As for the guitar, Filip may shred, or be restrained, or riff, or bring in an acoustic and pick that if the mood is right, and then at the front is Marcin. Vocally this is all about control, in a more baritone style than many, and there is a deliberate contrast between what he is doing and what is happening underneath, so long drawn out notes from the vocals are underpinned by complex arpeggios being played at great speed on either guitar or piano.

This is an incredibly exciting and refreshing album, and ones that fans or prog rock that stray into metal territory at times, surely need to hear. Available on self-released CD, the band have also put it up on Bandcamp so give it a listen.

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