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Hi everyone,

Appsanywhere Mst

I am creating a App for the online Project management Tool 'Asana' ( This App provides a WebView in the main window – with this the user do not have to let the browser opened all day to quick access the tool. So there is a benefit – and yes, it is the same experience like in Safari.

But that's not all the App provides.

The App brings a Status Bar Item with Menu for all workspaces and assigned tasks of the user. This is a view that Asana itself do not provide and is a HUGE benefit. Working with Asana with this Menu is so much better and faster and gives an overview where you cannot miss any Tasks. Also you can set the task date, the assigned member and completed state from the submenu of this task. So a first part native integration.

Apple Review Team is now rejecting because: Asana itself provides 'Upgrade' Buttons to purchase an Asana plan. This plan is for sure part of their website and model. Apple wants me to remove the purchase options – or exchange it so IAP. But I am not the developer of Asana itself – so why should I integrate IAP – I cannot sell any plans of Asana for the user. Should I inject now some javascript to remove the buttons? But what when the user wants to purchase a plan? I don't think that is user friendly.

Also Apple rejected because 'no different experience from usinf with safari'. But I don't think so. Yeah it's a webView but is it not allowed to use a WebView?! I habe Badge Count, Push notificatiosn (coming soon), Status bar item with the really great overview that is key feature. And you do not have to let the browser opened all day long with the Asana tab.

What should I do now?

I have no idea what exactly to do now...


Appsanywhere Cofc

PS: The App 'AppSana' is nearly identical. But this App do not provide the status bar menu and have just the WebView (without my first parts of native integration). Also this App do not work as expected (badge count do not work) and it is the reason why I am creating a 'better App' that works. AppSana also have the Upgrade buttons to choose a plan.

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